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Bubble Man Name: Bubble Man
Number: 11
Battle Hints: Use Metal Blades
Weapon: Bubble Lead
Ability: Fires Bubble
Best Against: Heat Man
Air Man Name: Air Man
Number: 10
Battle Hints: Use Leaf Shield; jump over tornados
Weapon: Air Shooter
Ability: Shoots Tornados in air
Best Against: Crash Man
Accessory Number: 2
Ability: Jet across the screen till you either get off, or jet energy is depleted
Quick Man Name: Quick Man
Number: 12
Battle Hints: Use Time Stopper and basic cannon (Time Stopper will freeze him; but not take his energy out completley); avoid him and boomerangs
Weapon: Quick Boomerang
Ability: Fires Boomerangs in a circle
Best Against: Metal Man
Heat Man Name: Heat Man
Number: 15
Battle Hints: Bubble Lead; DO NOT USE CRASH BOMBS; they fill his energy up
Hit him avoid fire...when he morphs into a flame heading to the over him, repeat
Weapon: Atomic Fire
Ability: Shoots fireball. Can be charged
Best Against: Wood Man
Accessory Number: 1
Ability: Floating Platforms that you can jump on; similar to the Ballons of Mega Man 4
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Dr, Wily
Wood Man Name: Wood Man
Number: 16
Battle Hints: Use Atomic Fire (Charged works best); avoid falling leaves and jump over leaf shield. Also if u hit wood man's leaf shield with a crash bomb then it'll explode and hit wood man multiple times.
Weapon: Leaf Shield
Ability: Shields Mega Man; fires in multiple directions
Best Against: Air Man
Metal Man Name: Metal Man
Number: 9
Battle Hints: Use Quick Boomerang ; whatever you do, he does. So if you fire at him, he'll fire back.
Weapon: Metal Blade
Ability: Fires in multiple directions
Best Against: Flash Man; Bubble Man
Flash Man Name: Flash Man
Number: 14
Battle Hints: Use Metal Blades
Weapon: Time Stopper
Ability: Freezes enemies for few seconds
Best Against: Quick Man
Accessory Number: 3
Ability: Elevator that moves up or down based on if Mega Man is on it
Crash Man Name: Crash Man
Number: 13
Battle Hints: Use Air Shooter; avoid bombs
Weapon: Crash Bomb
Ability: Explodes after a few seconds; blows up enemies & walls
Best Against: Heat Man