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Dr. Wily

The six stages of Dr. Wily's Skull Castle with some boss information. If you like the music, i'd highly recommend this group called the NESkimos who do video game covers. I'll provide cover links of both stages 1 and 2, and stages 3 and 4 because they just rock

Stage 1 Stage Hints: Item 1 comes in handy when trying to climb to the top in the area with the open space. Run fast when you see what looks like three blocks spaced a couple inces apart vertically.
Boss: Dragon
Battle Hints: Stay towards the top, attac with the quick boomerang.
Stage 2 Stage Hints: Start attack enemies with the metal blade, make sure that your jet (item 2) is full and jet across.
Boss: Wall Crawler
Battle Hints: Use the metal blade and attack each wall creature as they come. Two hits take out each creature.
Stage 3 Stage Hints: The gaps in the green water be careful, do not just try to jump across because more than likely, there will be a big fish that will more than likely kill you. Jump out far enough to where if you push left, you can land on the ledge and watch the robotic fish. When he goes down, jump over.
Boss: Guts Mobile
Battle Hints: Jump onto the ledge of the mobile and fire your quick boomerang.
Stage 4 Stage Hints: Use the Bubble Lead to detect hidden pit falls.
Boss: Orb Shooters
Battle Hints: Use the crash bomb.Take out all of the walls first. Then let them kill you, the next time you face them, the walls that you destroyed previously will no lnoger be there, so you can take the orb shooters out easily. When they flash, they will fire eventually.
Stage 5 Mega Man 2 Teleporting Hatch Layout
Stage Hints: Teleporting hatch
Boss: Wily Battle #1. (Two parts)
Boss Hints: Use Metal Blade or your crash bombs (if you have any left)
Stage 6 Boss Hints: Use bubble lead. Do not allow the alien to touch you, he'll asborb your energy