Mega Man 3

Spark Man Name: Spark Man
Number: 23
Battle Hints: Use Shadow Blade
Weapon: Spark Shock
Ability: Temperarly stuns some enemies
Best against: Magnet Man
Snake Man Name: Snake Man
Number: 22
Battle HInts: Use Needle Cannon
Weapon: Search Snakes
Ability: Climbs wall & attacks enemies
Best Against: Gemini Man
Needle Man Name: Needle Man
Number: 17
Battle Hints: Use Gemini Laser
Weapon: Needle Cannon
Ability: Rapid fires needles
Best Against: Snake Man
Rush Upgrade: Rush Jet
Ability: Travels across pits & goes real high
Hard Man Name: Hard Man
Number: 20
Battle Hints: Use Magnet Missle;
Weapon: Hard Knuckle.
Ability: Strong controllable fist
Best Against: Top Man
Mega Man 3 Box

Release Year: 1990
The third Mega Man in the series. After defeating all 8 robot masters; you get to go through 4 of their stages again, but facing previous reincarnations of the robot masters from Mega Man 2. Rush, Roll and Protoman are introduced.
Top Man Name: Top Man
Number: 21
Battle Hints: Use Hard Knuckles;
Weapon: Top Spin.
Ability: Spins into enemies
Best Against: Shadow Man
Gemini Man Name: Gemini Man
Number: 19
Battle Hints: Use Search Snakes
Weapon: Gemini Laser
Ability: Bounces off walls & solid surfaces
Best Against: Needle Man
Magnet Man Name: Magnet Man
Number: 18
Battle Hints: Use Spark Shock;
Weapon: Magnet Missles.
Ability: Homing missle shaped like a magnet
Best Against: Hard Man
Shadow Man Name: Shadow Man
Number: 24
Battle Hints: Use Top Spin
Weapon: Shadow Blade.
Ability: Ninja star that can be thrown in multiple directions
Best Against: Spark Man
Rush Upgrade: Rush Marine
Ability: Travels through water and fires at enemies