Mega Man 1

StoneMan Name: Stone Man
Number: 39
Battle Hints: Use napalm bomb or mega buster. Hit with the napalm bomb when up close or far distance w/ the mega buster. When he jumps high, he can't be hit when he turns into a little rock pile.
Weapon: Power Stone
Ability: Stones surround Mega Man, and spread over time to entire screen
Best Against: Charge Man
Gravity Man Name: Gravity Man
Number: 33
Battle Hints: Use star crash or charged up mega buster. The best time to hit with the buster is when the gravity changes (He moves down and you move up).
Weapon: Gravity Hold
Ability: Alters gravity; damages enemies and fling some off screen
Best Against: Gyro Man
Crystal Man Name: Crystal Man
Number: 40
Battle Hints: Use gyro attack. Fire and be on the move constantly.
Weapon: Crystal Eye
Ability: A large crystal ball is fire, once it hits a wall, it splits up into 4 little cyrstals
Best Against: Napalm Man
Charge Man Name: Charge Man
Number: 38
Battle HInts: Time the Power Stone's release just right to hit him. Otherwise use the arm cannon. When he turns red, he can't be hit and flaming coals come down.
Weapon: Charge Kick
Ability: Delivers a powerful kick to your enemy (you must slide in order to use)
Best Against: Wave Man
Mega Man 5 Box

Release Year: 1992
Dr. Wily is back at it. He decides to create 8 more robots to destProto Man kidnaps Dr. Light and sends 8 of his robots out to handle Mega Man. Dr. Cossack assists Mega throughout this one. This is the First Mega Man where you are introduced to Beat (a little bird that assists Mega Man). Also the M tank is introduced.
Napalm Man Name: Napalm Man
Number: 39
Weapon: Napalm Bomb
Battle Hints Use Crystal Eye. Keep your distance.
Ability: Fires little bombs that explode on contact
Best Against: Stone Man
Wave Man Name: Wave Man
Number: 34
Battle Hints: Use Charge Kick; Slide into him, avoid water wave
Weapon: Water Wave
Ability: Wave of water moves across the screen
Best Against: Star Man
Star Man Name: Star Man
Number: 37
Battle Hints: Use Water Wave or Mega buster. When he launches his star shield at you, hit him wth your charged up Mega Buster. Water waves penetrates the shield.
Weapon: Star Crash
Ability: Protects Mega Man from certain objects. Push fire button to release it in direction Mega Man is facing.
Best Against: Gravity Man
Item: Super Arrow
Ability: Flies Across the screen. Can be used as weapon, can be jumped on and travels across screen, or can make a ladder of somewhat
Gyro Man Name: Gyro Man
Number: 36
Battle Hints: Use gravity hold; after you attack with the gravity hold; wait for Gyro man to quit flashing and hit it again.
Weapon: Gyro Attack
Ability: Fires a semi-controlable propeller.
Best Against: Crystal Man
Rush Accessory: Rush Jet
Ability: Jets across the screen