Robot Masters Heading

Mega Man 6

Here's the robot masters u face in Mega Man 6. Knight Man's Theme is one of my favorites. If you want to listen to it. Click play below.

Blizzard Man Name: Blizzard Man
Number: 41
Battle Hints: Use Flame Blast
Weapon: Blizzard Attack
Ability: Snowflakes spread and fire towards you.
Best Against: Plant Man
Plant Man Name: Plant Man
Number: 45
Battle Hints: Use Blizzard Attack or Mega Buster. Fire when he releases his shield.
Weapon: Plant Barrier
Ability: A shiled that protects
Best Against: Tomahawk Man
Tomahawk Man Name: Tomahawk Man
Number: 46
Battle Hints: Use PLant Barrier. Be CLose to him when you use the shield
Weapon: Silver Tomahawk
Ability: Flies in a curve (down then up) and attacks enemy.
Best Against: Yamato Man
Yamato Man Name: Yamato Man
Number: 48
Battle Hints: Use Silver Tomahawk, hit him close. When he jumps, slide under him. Repeat.
Weapon: Yamato Spear
Ability: Throws a Spear at enemy.
Best Against: Knight Man
Knight Man Name: Knight Man
Number: 44
Battle Hints: Use Yamato Spear (penetrates spear) otherwise, just keep you rdistance and fire your buster when he jumps or moves his shield to attack
Weapon: Knight CHain
Ability: A black ball flies out a few inches then goes upwards andcomes back to you.
Best Against: Centaur Man
Centaur Man Name: Centaur Man
Number: 42
Battle Hints: Use Knight Chain, fire away at him.
Weapon: Centaur Flash
Ability: Freezes some enemies for a few seconds
Best Against: Wind Man
Wind Man Name: Wind Man
Number: 47
Battle Hints: Use Centaur Flash. Wait for him to stop flashing and use it again
Weapon: Wind Storm
Ability: A tornado is launched on the bottom of the screen, will fling some enemies off screen.
Best Against: Flame Man
Flame Man Name: Flame Man
Number: 43
Battle Hints: Use Wind Storm or Mega Buster. Flames rise from the ground when he puts his cannon on it. Keep your distance.
Weapon: Flame Blast
Ability: Throw a ball of fire and it creates a little fire coloum
Best Against: Blizzard Man

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