Mega Man 8

Grenade Man Name: Grenade Man
Number: 63
Battle Hints: Use Thunder Claw
Weapon: Flash Bomb
Ability: Snowflakes spread and fire towards you.
Best Against: Frost Man
frost Man Name: Frost Man
Number: 62
Battle Hints: Flame Sword
Weapon: Ice Wave
Ability: A clown is launched on the bottom of the screen, will fling some enemies off screen.
Best Against: Flame Man
tengu Man Name: Tengu Man
Number: 57
Battle Hints: Use Ice Wave
Weapon: Tornado Hold
Ability: Throw a ball of fire and it creates a little fire coloum
Best Against: Blizzard Man
clown Man Name: clown Man
Number: 60
Battle Hints: Use Tornado Hold Weapon: Thunder Claw
Ability: A shiled that protects
Best Against: Grenade Man
Mega Man 8 Box

Release Year: 1997
A strange meteor hits the Earth and a robot is discovered. Both Dr. Wily and Dr. Light want the robot. Dr. Wily once again throws eight robots to take care of Mega Man. Now you get to fight Dr. Wily and friends on this game filled with 32-bits of fun.
astro Man Name: Astro Man
Number: 58
Battle Hints: Use Homing Sniper
Weapon: Astro Crush
Ability: Flies in a curve (down then up) and attacks enemy.
Best Against: Aqua Man
aqua Man Name: Aqua Man
Number: 64
Battle Hints: Use Astro Crush
Weapon: Water Balloon
Ability: Throws a Spear at enemy.
Best Against: Sword Man
sword Man Name: sword Man
Number: 59
Battle Hints: Use Water Balloon
Weapon: Flame Sword
Ability: A black ball flies out a few inches then goes upwards andcomes back to you.
Best Against: Search Man
Search Man Name: Search Man
Number: 61
Battle Hints: Use Knight Chain, fire away at him.
Weapon: Homing Sniper
Ability: frosts some enemies for a few seconds
Best Against: Astro Man