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This Page covers the history of Mega Man. Also includes information abotu each game, including additions, updates, or changes.

Mega Man 1 : The breakout year. The only Mega Man to ever have 6 bosses as well as to use points (for what purpose, I don't know but they are there). General storyline, Dr. Light created six robots to help out mankind with Dr. Wily. As time went on, Dr. Wily choose to take the six robots and turn them against the city and human race so he may rule the world. Dr. Light then created Rock Man (which later was changed to Mega Man) to save the world. Just to make things a little more fun, while going through Wily's base, you get to re-fight the six bosses you beat earlier.

Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily creates 8 more robots to handle Mega Man. Mega Man 2 brought the E tank (canister that provided full energy charge to Mega Man's life) Also introduced the Password system so you can end your quest and continue later on without having to start all over (with the exception of Dr. Wily's Castle) Dr. Wily's castle was mapped out so you knew which way you were heading as well as a slight advantage as what to expect. Also, this is the first time that a tele-pod room is in any Mega Man game. A tele-pod room basically contains eight teleporters that lead to a specific boss that you have to beat (again). Beat the boss, you return back to the tele-pod room and the teleporter you came out of will be disabled, so u go fight another boss (your choice) after beating all eight, a ninth pod appears which usually leads to either the end of the level, another boss fight, or a room where you can get re-charged somewhat before a big fight.

Mega Man 3: Dr. Wily and Dr. Light work together using energy crystals for a peace keeping project. Dr. Wily of course betrays Dr. Light so it's up to Mega Man to get the crystals back. Besides the usual 8 robots to keep Mega busy, you get introduced to Mega Man's brother, Proto Man who is to stop Mega from accomplishing his goal. This is the ONLY Mega Man where after you beat the 8 bosses, you get a new set of 8 to play with (although these new 8 are from Mega Man 2). This Mega Man introduced the mystery block , where you shoot it and you receive an item. Also introduced is Rush, Mega Man's robo dog who serves use as a trampoline, submarine, and jet. Mega Man can also slide which is useful.

Mega Man 4: Dr. Light receives a message that a friend of his, Dr. Cossack has created eight robots of his own to prove that he's better than Dr. Light and Mega Man. In the long run, Dr. Cossack is only creating the robots to save his daughter who has been kidnapped by Dr. Wily. This is the first Mega Man where you have to go through two lairs (Dr. Cossack's and Dr. Wily's ). Another first in the game is the ability to charge your Mega Buster to create a more powerful shot You also meet Eddie, a little red robot who appears in stages to give Mega Man an item. Mega Man 4 also has two hidden tools that will be of assistance hidden in two stages. One of them is a balloon which acts as a floating platform. The other is a wire which sticks to a ceiling where you can fire from where you are.

Mega Man 5: Proto Man kidnaps Dr. Light and sends 8 of his robots out to handle Mega Man. Dr. Cossack assists Mega throughout this one. This is the First Mega Man where you are introduced to Beat (a little bird that assists Mega Man). The way you get beat is by collecting M-E-G-A-M-A-N-V . Also this game introduces the M tank. The M tank fully charges Mega Man's weapons as well as his life. Although you can only carry one at a time, it is proven very useful.

Mega Man 6: The best robot designers submit their robot for a robot show. Mr. X kidnaps them and has them hunt down Mega Man. Rush for the first time transforms into a Jet-Pack which'll allow Mega to fly. He also transsforms into a power suit which will give him extra fire power

Mega Man 7: Dr. Wily is finally in jail. Unfortunately he had 4 robots of his own to break him out. He wants to take over the world so you have eight new robots to play with. What's new to part 7 is Auto, he gives you items in exchange for screws. Bass makes his introduction, he is one if wily's creations. Bass has a dog named Treble.

Mega Man 8: A strange meteor hits the Earth and a robot is discovered. Both Dr. Wily and Dr. Light want the robot. Dr. Wily once again throws eight robots to take care of Mega Man. No new changes to the series.

Mega Man 9: When destructive attacks by powerful robots begin occurring all over the world, Mega Man's creator, the good-hearted Dr. Light, is blamed. Mega Man's arch enemy, the evil Dr. Wily, claims to be uninvolved in the incidents. It is up to Mega Man to stop the robots, prove his creator's innocence, and reveal Wily's true intentions.

Mega Man 10: An illness known as "Roboenza" suddenly begins infecting robots all over the world, causing them to malfunction and hamper human life] Mega Man's sister Roll becomes one of the disease's victims. A month following the outbreak, many of the infected robots go berserk and attempt to take over the world.