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Welcome to Mega Man Generations. A Fan page dedicated to the Mega Man series; although I prefer the original. Over time this page / site will be updated as it's being remodeled from the ground floor. To see what it used to look like before; please visit: (warning, ads and pop ups may appear as this was on a free server)


for completion of assignment. Only the Home Page, Series Info, History, Midi (all under mega content navigational bar) and Mega Man 2 pages (main page, robot masters, and Dr. Wilys) will have valid content, everything else will currently be invalid. apologies in advance. The Midi page has the the tabbed thing.On the Mega Man 2 page, Dr. Wily is Clickable for "behavori" if you have any issues let me know. Thanks :D

3/16/12 - Updated Graphics
3/10/12 - Remodeling Begins