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Welcome to the midi section. This page contains Mega Man music from Mega Man's 1-8 . Overtime i will add, change, and remove files for various purposes. Please use the table below to select which Mega Man you want to get music from.Eventually this page will be modified / replaced with a page linking to Mega awesome music.

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Last Updated: 3/18/12 Currently no MIDI's of Mega Man 9 - 10.

Midi Name Description
bombman.mid bombman's stage
bombman2.mid Bomb Man's stage ver. 2
cutman.mid Cut Man's stage
elecman.mid Elec Man's Stage
fireman.mid Fire Man's Stage
gutsman.mid Guts Man's Stage
iceman.mid Ice Man's Stage
mm1boss.mid Boss Battle
mm1end.mid Mega Man 1 Ending
mm1rockm.mid Battle With Rock Monster
mm1select.mid Mega Man 1 Stage Select Theme
mm1wily1.mid Dr. Wily Stage 1
mm1wily2.mid Dr. Wily Stage 2
mm1win.mid Beating the Boss
Midi Name Description
airman.mid Air Man's Theme
airman2.mid Air Man's Theme Ver. 2
bubbleman.mid Bubble Man's theme
bubbleman2.mid Bubble Man's Theme Ver. 2
crashman.mid Crash Man's theme
crashman2.mid Crash Man Theme Ver. 2
flashman.mid Flash Man's Theme
flashman2.mid Flash Man's Theme ver. 2
heatman.mid Heat Man's Theme
metalman.mid Metal Man's Theme
metalman2.mid Metal Man's Theme ver. 2
mm2boss.mid Boss Battle
mm2passw.mid Password screen
mm2select.mid Stage Select Theme
mm2wily1.mid Dr. Wily Stages 1 & 2
mm2wily2.mid Dr. Wily Stages 3&4
quickman.mid Quick Man's Theme
woodman.mid Wood Man's Theme
woodman2.mid Wood Man's Theme ver. 2
Midi Name Description
Enemy3.mid Boss Battle
geminiman.mid Gemini Man's Theme
geminiman2.mid Gemini Man's Theme ver 2
hardman.mid Hard Man's Theme
mm3getweapon.mid New weapon gained
mm3intro.mid Introduction / Title Theme
mm3password.mid Password Screen
mm3select.mid Stage Select Theme
mm3select2.mid Stage Select Theme 2 *
mm3wily1.mid Skull Castle (Dr. Wily) Stages 1 & 2
mm3wily2.mid Skull Castle (Dr. Wily) Stages 3 & 4
mm3wily3.mid Skull Castle (Dr. Wily) Stages 5 & 6
needleman.mid Needle Man's Theme
shadowman.mid Shadow Man's theme
shadowman2.mid Shadow Man's theme ver. 2
snakeman.mid Snake Man's Theme
snakeman2.mid Snake Man's Theme ver. 2
sparkman.mid Spark Man's Theme
sparkman2.mid Spark Man's Theme ver. 2
sparkman3.mid Spark Man's Theme ver. 3*
topman.mid Top Man's theme
topman2.mid Top Man's Theme ver. 2
Midi Name Description
brightman.mid Bright Man's Stage
diveman.mid Dive Man's Stage
drillman.mid Drill Man's Stage
dustman.mid Dust Man's Stage
mm4boss.mid Boss Battle
mm4cossac.mid Dr. Cossack's Citadel Stages 1&2
mm4cossac2.mid Dr. Cossack's Citadel Stages 3&4
mm4final.mid Final Battle with Dr. Wily
mm4intro.mid Introduction
mm4password.mid Password Screen
mm4select.mid Stage Select Theme
mm4wily1.mid Dr. Wily's Castle Stages 1&2
mm4wily2.mid Dr. Wily's Castle Stages 3,4,and 5
pharoahman.mid Pharaoh Man's Stage
ringman.mid Ring Man's Stage
skullman.mid Skull Man's Stage
toadman.mid Toad Man's Stage
Midi Name Description
chargeman.mid Charge Man's Stage
chargeman2.mid Charge Man's Stage ver. 2
crystalman.mid Crystal Man's Stage
gravityman.mid Gravity Man's Stage
gravityman2.mid Gravity Man's Stage ver.2
gyroman.mid Gyro Man's Stage
mm5intro.mid Introduction
mm5wily1.mid Dr. Wily's Castle
mm5wily_final.mid Final Battle with Dr. Wily
napalmman.mid Napalm Man's Stage
protoman.mid Proto Man's Stage
protoman2.mid Proto Man's Stage ver.2
starman.mid Star Man's Stage
stoneman.mid Stone Man's Stage
waveman.mid Wave Man's Stage
waveman2.mid Wave Man's Stage ver. 2
Midi Name Description
blizzardman.mid Blizzard Man's Stage
blizzardman2.mid Blizzard Man's Stage Ver. 2
centaurman.mid Centaur Man's Stage
centaurman2.mid Centaur Man's Stage ver.2
flameman.mid Flame Man's Stage
flameman2.mid Flame Man's Stage ver. 2
knightman.mid Knight Man's Stage
mm6intro.mid Introduction
mm6mrx.mid Mr. X's Castle
mm6select.mid Stage Select Theme
mm6wily1.mid Dr. Wily's Castle
plantman.mid Plant Man's Stage
tomahawkman.mid Tomahawk Man's Stage
windman.mid Wind Man's Stage
windman2.mid Wind Man's Stage ver. 2
yamatoman.mid Yamato Man's Stage
Midi Name Description
bass.mid Bass's Theme
burstman.mid Burst Man's Stage
cloudman.mid Cloud Man's Stage
freezeman.mid Freeze Man's Stage
junkman.mid Junk Man's Stage
mm7end.mid Ending
mm7final.mid Final Battle with Dr. Wily
mm7intro.mid Introduction
mm7introstage.mid First Stage Of Game
mm7wily1.mid Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 1
mm7wily2.mid Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 2
mm7wily3.mid Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 3
mm7wily4.mid Dr. Wily's Castle Final Stage
museum.mid Robot Museum (melody of prevoius MM bosses)
shademan.mid Shade Man's Stage
shademan2.mid Shade Man's Stage Ver. 2
slashman.mid Slash Man's Stage
springman.mid Springman's Stage
springman2.mid Spring Man's Stage ver. 2
turboman.mid Turbo Man's Stage
Midi Name Description
aquaman.mid Aqua Man's Stage
astroman.mid Astro Man's Stage
clownman.mid Clown Man's Stage
clowman2.mid Clow Man's Stage ver. 2
frostman.mid Frost Man's Stage
frostman2.mid Frost Man's Stage ver. 2
grenademan.mid Grenade Man's Stage
mm8end.mid Ending
mm8intro.mid First Stage
mm8select.mid Stage Select
mm8wily1.mid Dr. Wily Stage 1
swordman.mid Sword Man's Stage
tenguman.mid Tengu Man's Stage